Do you recognize

  • Is too much time being spent correcting mistakes?
  • Are the handovers from colleagues not workable?
  • Do you have a harsh tone? Maybe even bordering on bullying?
  • Is it hard to say yes or no, perhaps especially to the strong people in the team?
  • Is it sometimes difficult to embrace the many differences in the team?
  • Are there some who pull the big load, while others are on a free ride?
  • Do you comply with the agreements or are there often problems with the delivery of tasks?
  • Is there a lot of complaining in the team?

If so, you as a team / department need:

  • To get better at collaborating.
  • An increased knowledge of each other’s competencies, including the personal ones.
  • A better understanding of roles and responsibilities in the individual tasks.
  • A common basis for being able to give and receive feedback.
  • Getting the culture of the team / department to work with you, instead of against you.
  • A common understanding of what is OK, and the right to say no.

At a team training course with us you get:

  • A structured method for ensuring task understanding and task handover.
  • Knowledge and training in specific communication tools that speak into your culture.
  • An increased knowledge of each other’s strengths.
  • Training in feedback, both the appreciative and the developing kind.
  • An opportunity to test and adjust the collaboration under pressure (eg time pressure / work pressure).
  • A process where everything is connected your concrete everyday life.
  • Tools with which the individual commits to specific agreements on changed behavior subsequently.

After a team training course you will have achieved:

  • Greater motivation to change your forward-looking behavior in everyday life.
  • To be able to work effectively together through specific agreements.
  • To be able to say yes and no in a proper way, even in high-pressure situations.
  • Better collaboration and communication within your particular area of challenges.
  • Increased focus on task understanding, in order to deliver a proper product.
  • To carry on all learning directly into everyday life afterwards.

We plan the days so that the team is challenged on the status quo, where we create images of everyday situations through simple tasks. Within collaboration, the topics can be agreements, handovers, alignment of expectations, task understanding and handover, as well as the ability to place the organization in the highest context. Within communication, the topics can be feedback, the good tone, meeting culture, personality profiles and type indicators, as well as the interaction between the different preferences.