Lotte Stannius
Lotte StanniusSenior consultant and founder
o COLTI, Senior Consultant in Management, Teams, Stress Management and Personal Development 2019 – Now
o ILTIHOUSE, External Senior Consultant in management, team, stress management, coaching 2017 – now
o Niras, Senior Consultant in Soil Pollution.
o Ishøj Kommune, Consultant on soil pollution.
o Dansk Miljørådgivning, Senior Consultant in Soil Pollution.

o Cand.Scient in Geology, University of Copenhagen.
o Diploma in Leadership, Copenhagen Business Academy.
o Certified Master Stress Coach, Forebyg Stress.
o Certified Coach, Dansk Coaching Institute.
o Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer.

June Werenfeldt
June WerenfeldtSenior Consultant
o COLTI, senior consultant in stress management and personal development 2020 – present
o COPE – stress, anxiety and depression 2001 – present
o SKAT – consultant 1990-2001

o Certified Master Stress Coach, Forebyg Stress.
o Stress Coach, Forebyg Stress.
o Coach og Psykoterapeutskolen.
o SKAT – acconting assistant

External consultants:

COLTI’s tasks are diverse, and therefore we have a collaboration with over 10 skilled external consultants, each with their own special competencies to handle tasks at COLTI. Therefore, we will always be able to offer the right competencies for the individual task.

This is why we call it COLTI

(Culture in Organization, Leadership, Team and Individual)

Culture: The culture of an organization is fundamental to how it performs. The culture helps to determine our behavior towards all stakeholders, external as well as internal. A healthy culture helps to create profits on the bottom line and good well-being.

Organization: The organization is the framework for the people and machines and buildings that create the workplace. The organization is often lead by an executive board or board of directors and is run daily by the manager.

Leadership: The leader should set direction, set rules, set frameworks, assign roles and support employee relationships. At the same time, the manager helps to determine and develop the room for maneuver of the team and the individual employee. The leader is often part of a leadership team, which should appear as one unit.

Team: The team or group of individuals are those who must ensure good cooperation and good communication in the workplace. A well-functioning team works toward the same goal, and where the individual participant’s performances all come together in relation to the task. They can therefore be considered as one unit. A group is employees who work according to their own goals, and where joint delivery is not in the highest context for the individual. It is not always possible or optimal to establish a team!

Individual: The individual is the basic support in the team, department and organization. No employees, no organization!

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