Do you recognize

  • Do you have a high level of sick leave in your department?
  • Do you find it difficult to spot stress among employees?
  • Would you rather avoid taking the difficult conversations about stress?
  • When the emotions run free from your employee, do you mostly want to run away?
  • Do you lack all the tools to prevent stress in your department?
  • Do you find that your stress-affected employees get sick again after starting up?
  • Do you lack the knowledge of how your own stress affects others – and do you have the tools to deal with it?

If so, as a leader you need:

  • In-depth knowledge of stress signals and stress behaviors.
  • Specific tools for dealing with the stress among employees.
  • Managing your own stress to be able to help others.
  • Knowledge and experience in performing the difficult conversation with a stressed.
  • Knowledge of start-up plans for employees on sick leave.
  • Specific tools to prevent stress in your department.
  • To know that multiple things are stressful for your employees, not just too many work tasks.

In a course with us you get:

  • A comprehensive program based on facts and research in stress.
  • Knowledge of how different types of people react to stress.
  • Proven tools that you can easily implement in your everyday life.
  • Knowledge of the factors that cause stress, both in yourself and your employees.
  • An opportunity to get feedback on conduct the difficult conversation.
  • A start-up plan, in which the number of hours and workload are described, week by week.
  • Knowledge of how your own leadership style affects your employees’ stress levels.

After a course you will have achieved:

  • Being able to spot stress in your employees.
  • An overview of the different causes of stress that exist.
  • To be able to handle stress in a department with specific tools.
  • Trying to complete and get feedback on a stressful conversation.
  • The opportunity to adjust to your own leadership style to reduce stress in the department.
  • To be able to recognize the individual employees’ need to reduce stress.
  • Greater confidence in handling the entire process with a stress sick leave and start-up.

For leaders, we conduct 2-day courses where we provide information about stress, as well as specific tools for stress management. Furthermore, we provide the opportunity to conduct the difficult conversation with a stressed employee (via an actor) and thus get feedback on an otherwise confidential conversation. You can download the brochure on Stress Management for Leaders here.

For employees, we conduct 1-day courses where the focus is on information and specific tools for stress management. You can download the brochure on Stress Management for Employees here.